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The Dayun Zig Z1+ mined Lyra2REv2 (XVG Verge / Mona coin / Modern coin) with a speed of 7.2GH / s. Power consumption only 1200 Watt!

Dayun Zig Z1+ specifications
• Power consumption: 1200 Watt
• Hashing algorithm: Lyra2REv2
• Hash rate: 7.2GH / s + 5%

Dayun Zig Z1 factory warranty

The manufacturer provides 180 days warranty on the miner from the moment of shipment.

Buy lyra2rev2-miner online

This warranty will lapse if you have done the following:
• Burned parts on the hash board or the chips
• Water damage
• You yourself have removed and / or replaced elements without consultation
• Poor power supply, lightning or voltage overvoltage


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